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Rules and Regulations

  1. Strict discipline will have to be maintained as required by the college administration. Defaulters and disobedient are liable to be expelled from the college and in cases the decision of the principal will be final.

  2. Students are required to attend at least 75% of the classes held in each subject.

  3. If a student continuously remains absent without information for 20 days or more, his name will be struck off from the college roll. Readmission will be allowed only after payment of readmission fee and permission of the principal.

  4. In case of illness, medical certificate must be sent immediately and the period so spent must be made up by the student under guidelines given by the principal.

  5. In case of prolonged illness or for any other valid reason the principal may recommend the concerned authorities for condoning loss of percentage of attendance not exceeding 20%. The order of the principal will be final.

  6. Students are not allowed to display any notice within the college premises without prior permission from the principal.

  7. Arranging and holding meeting is strictly prohibited within the college premises without prior permission from principal.

  8. Students will be charged for the damages and losses caused by them individually or collectively. In this regard the decision of the principal will be final.

  9. Students whose progress and conduct are considered unsatisfactory are liable to be detained from appearing in the annual examination.

  10. The principal of the college may suspend a student temporarily from the college till the pending enquires are decided.

  11. The management of college has unquestionable right to cancel the admission of any student.

  12. Ragging is strictly prohibited and a punishable act.

  13. College reserves the right to modify any of the rule mentioned above and from new rules as and when required.

  14. Railway concessions will be given to the students during vacation as and when declared, the facility is available to only those students whose native place parents are out side sendhwa

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