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Aim and Objectives

  1. To establish an ideal and well equipped homoeopathic college in india.

  2. To provide better treatment and medical facilities.

  3. To promote modern and advance homoeopathic treatment and research.

  4. To import better medical education.

  5. To help the poor in particulars and all human being in general.

  6. To provide effective and easy mode of treatment without any side effect.

  7. To create faith in homoeopathic system of medicine.

  8. To start population study and other educational programs.

  9. To instill self confidence, sense of dedication and service in students.

  10. To make sendhwa a place of pride in the field of homoeopathic education.

  11. To facilitate less expensive medical treatment to the poor and needs.

  12. To provide self employment opportunities to the youth of society.

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