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From the President's Desk

Dear Students,

Sendhwa in M.P. a town geographically situated on the border of Maharastra.

For the development of sendhwa we decide to establish a public trust to promote healthy & medical education. This public trust also decide to open a well-developed homoeopathic medical college & hospital.

The Sendhwa Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital have been established with the view to make a complete institute to give the best knowledge of homoeopathic to students.

Homoeopathic is medicin of today & tomorrow. It has power to cure the chronic disease. It is safe, gentle & inexpensive also.

So have pleasure & pride of being the part of this system of welfare.

Wishing you success in life.

A. K. Tomar
Sendhwa Homoeopathic Shikshan Sanstha,


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